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While in the fifties, Hong Kong grew to become the very first of your Four Asian Tiger economies to endure immediate industrialisation driven by textile exports, manufacturing industries, and re-exports of goods to China. As being the populace grew, with labour costs remaining very low, dwelling requirements began to rise steadily.

Much more than 18,000 taxicabs, easily identifiable by their vivid paint, are accredited to carry riders while in the territory.[324] Colour codes signify services parts. Red taxis serve Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the entire New Territories, and the northern Component of Lantau Island; inexperienced taxis function in portions of The brand new Territories and precise stations beyond their assigned space; blue taxis are offered only on Lantau Island.[325]

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Hong Kong is a Exclusive administrative area of China and maintains a different legislature, executive, and judiciary from the rest of the country. It's got an government-led parliamentary government modelled once the Westminster program, inherited from British colonial administration.

Because the transfer of sovereignty, an influx of mainland Chinese immigrants and greater conversation with the rest of the countrywide economy have brought an increasing amount of Mandarin speakers to Hong Kong.[247] Mandarin is about as common as English during the territory; 48.

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With few normal lakes and rivers, a large populace density, groundwater resources inaccessible by means of really hard granite bedrock, and extremely seasonal variants in rainfall, the territory does not have an sufficiently trustworthy neighborhood supply of clean h2o. So, the Dongjiang River in neighbouring Guangdong materials 70% of the city's water.

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The territory is administratively divided into 18 districts. Each district is represented by a District Council, which advises The federal government on community troubles like the provisioning of public amenities, servicing of Neighborhood programmes, promotion of cultural things to do, and improvement of environmental insurance policies.[153] You can find a complete of 458 seats in the District Councils, 431 of which are specifically elected while the remaining 27 are crammed by ex officio users consisting of rural committee chairmen, symbolizing villages and cities of outlying areas of The brand new Territories.

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Match-up proposition: A gamb-ling decision that pits two players in opposition to each other in a competition or party, commonly present in golf and car race wagering.

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